Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thoughts from a day off...

If you know anything, it must take a great deal to keep me from school. This was the case Friday, as I was sick. I figured that this week's blog entry might be represented by what I gained from my day not in my room.
1. Daytime television can get quite boring, quite quickly.
6. I actually did more than just watch television. There is a bird's nest right outside my front door. The eggs look real peaceful and the mother bird is keeping watch over things.
7. When children are in school, the block is really quiet. Imagine that.
8. If we ran the technology right, I am sure that we could conduct learning virtually. I am keeping up with students emailing their work with me, , and keeping tabs on things at school, while sitting on my living room couch.
9. It's been a while since I watched the clouds move. It's kind of cool and very hypnotic.
10. The eggs hatched. They are loud. They've been in the world for no more than a minute and their lungs are so powerful. The process of life is amazing.
11. The internet contains some really weird stuff and weird people on it. I know there is a theory that the longer a "Comments" section goes the weirder it gets. I buy it completely.
12. .
13. Local news can be quite depressing.
15. This is cliche, but so true:
16. I find that I cannot stop staring at this bird's nest. I am not trying to be like Miss Brill watching other people immersed in life, while I am seeing, but not seen and all, but it is really fascinating.
17. While I use a great deal of paper in my teaching, there is something awesome about paperless assignments and students emailing work. Comments are easier for students to read... mainly because my handwriting is no longer an obstacle.
19. I just came up with a great assignment

There you have it. The 20 things that summarize my day away from my classroom. I am not sure if it was a day well spent, but I know one thing:

In terms of what to keep in mind this week:
7th grade- This week's work on the Gettysburg Address, Chapter 16, and "The Lottery" are all good to the ten points for participation which will be decided on Friday. All Social Studies Textbooks need to be submitted as soon as possible.
8th grade- Short stories all week. We hope to cover Jackson, Gordimer, Hemingway, Chopin, and Kurieshi this week. Ambitious. The application assignment for Jackson could be done by Monday's class or turned in by Wednesday.

All best and steer clear from the
Mr. Kannan

Friday, May 13, 2011

I promise that John and the Speak Sisters will get a detailed blog entry... starting next week.

The rebellion has started. The voices have started on critiquing the abbreviated version of the blog. Indeed, their voices will be heard, validated, and authenticated... next week.

Click here for this week's assignments and deadlines.

All best.
Mr. Kannan

For 8th Graders: Click here for information regarding abducted youth, the topic of Oates' short story.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Three in a Row! There is someting about word economy...

Why stop a good thing? It seems like the less I write, the more attention things receive. Interesting...
Click here for the homework assignments in the upcoming week.
Of particular note:
8th Graders- Assessment on the Holocaust Wednesday. IF YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD A COPY AND WORK ON IT NOW TO SUBMIT ON FRIDAY, CLICK HERE!
7th Graders- Civil War Quiz on Monday/ Completed Rubrics submitted and Final Assessments distributed on Monday and work on them commences. All Final Assessments are due on May 20th or before.

Best wishes in all of your endeavors.
Mr. Kannan