Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Week Before

We have one week to go before Spring Break. There is much to do and while others' thoughts drift to the upcoming break, focus is needed on what has to be done this week:
7th Grade
* All photocopying is due on Wednesday- If "teachers" want their students to have work photocopied, then it is due on Wednesday.
* All visuals are posted Wednesday- The team area will have specific designations where work is to be displayed. All visuals have to be completed and posted by the end of Wednesday's class.
* All test questions are due by Thursday- Test questions are submitted on Thursday. Test questions should be typed and should be either one page or two pages.

8th Grade
* Make sure you have compiled 10 facts about your character for the 1920s- Computer Time will be given this week to ensure this.
* Make sure you can "get into character" for Friday
* This week, make sure you post comments for the 1920s Blog.

Much to do this week and not a great deal of time. Hopefully, the focus can carry us through the week.
Happy hunting!
Mr. Kannan

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