Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Week Before

We have one week to go before Spring Break. There is much to do and while others' thoughts drift to the upcoming break, focus is needed on what has to be done this week:
7th Grade
* All photocopying is due on Wednesday- If "teachers" want their students to have work photocopied, then it is due on Wednesday.
* All visuals are posted Wednesday- The team area will have specific designations where work is to be displayed. All visuals have to be completed and posted by the end of Wednesday's class.
* All test questions are due by Thursday- Test questions are submitted on Thursday. Test questions should be typed and should be either one page or two pages.

8th Grade
* Make sure you have compiled 10 facts about your character for the 1920s- Computer Time will be given this week to ensure this.
* Make sure you can "get into character" for Friday
* This week, make sure you post comments for the 1920s Blog.

Much to do this week and not a great deal of time. Hopefully, the focus can carry us through the week.
Happy hunting!
Mr. Kannan

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Two Weeks Before Spring Break: Where we are and where we need to be

We are in a very interesting time for 7.8/3 Social Studies Students. For the seventh graders, it is all about the teaching assignment in Chapter 9. Students should be working on their individual component each night. All individual components should be done by 3/23/09, so this week will be of vital importance. Students will be working on these components during class, while individual breakout sessions will commence this week, as well. For the eighth graders, we are at the high water mark of our Unit on the 1920s. The Jazz Age has been explored through the online learning environment of Moodle, and this process will continue this week with secondary source analysis. Students should have met all of the requirements of the unit as well as ensuring that they have thought about their character for the 1920s Unit. For those attending Tommy Guns, students should make sure that they have assumed their character in terms of dress and demeanor.
If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at school or at my home.
Best wishes and happy hunting!
Mr. Kannan

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Next Set of Challenges for 7.8/3 Social Studies

The theme of challenges seems to be quite an appropriate one for all of the 7.8/3 students in the domain of Social Studies. For seventh graders, the challenge is a relatively simple one: "How do I teach my colleagues?" The student led teaching assignment for chapter 9 is upon us and students will be selecting topics and groupings today. It is going to be difficult to change the frame of focus from teaching to learning, but it will be something that has to be adopted in order for this assignment to serve as beneficial. In the coming weeks, the blog will feature talking points for the students and they are invited to use these to guide their instruction. For this week, the critical points are to select a grouping of students that can carry hold their own in a collaborative format. The second challenge would be for students to select a topic where they can find some level of personal voice. These two elements will have to guide students and their focus for this week.
For the 8th graders, the soothing sounds of the speak easy, the fashion of the flapper, and the illusions of fame will guide their studies. Students will have to work on completing their Day II of the WWI Exams, due Friday, and simultaneously work on completing their requirements for the 1920s unit, due on the 19th. Both will have to be done simultaneously. Students should also consider returning their Tommy Guns permission slips and money within the coming week. Finally, students need to investigate which figure for the '20s that would match in order to come to school dressed in character on the 26th. Students are encouraged to start the process of going to Goodwill stores or Salvation Army outlets in order to fill out their wardrobe.
As we are in the third trimester, the last of our voyage, all stakeholders are encouraged to initiate contact with me when needed. It is difficult to conceive, but highly present, that our journey is reaching its termination point, with definable features. I invite all students to join me in hoping for a strong close to a very eventful and exciting voyage thus far.
Happy hunting.
Mr. Kannan