Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Yo! Paulie D- It's the Social Studies Situation" or Team Snooki Battles the Constitution and Trace Fossils

I have found that there are specific moments that happen in the classroom that end up meaning a great deal, but are not understood as defining moments. Then, there are those moments that happen and you just know that somehow, they will become the ongoing reference point for a while to come.
I had one of those moments in my seventh period on Friday. Somehow, "Jersey Shore" found its way into a discussion of the Constitution and the goals of the Framers. At that moment, I found a level of relief and stress. A frame of reference had been established. However, what does it say when that frame involves "Snooki," or "Mike D," or the constant calls of "Guido."
Heavens... Heavens.
Hence, while the characters of "Jersey Shore" struggle with working in a T- Shirt store or with their hair, I can only hope that our students struggle with what is on tap for this week. On the seventh grade side, we are heading down the "boardwalk" to submit their Final Drafts of papers this Friday. Rough drafts will be accepted on Friday, and that is "the situation" and all students need to know it. Once we finish with Trace Fossils, then we start our study in Chapter 5 and the Road to the American Revolution.
On the 8th grade side of the Social Studies house, the Constitution is where our focus lies. Principles, Goals, and the specific branches of government will be started this week. There will be a study session on Wednesday during lunch and this should become a habit for students to develop. Students should expect homework each night with their first Checkpoint quiz next week.
I guess "Jersey Shore" said it best, "Everybody knows about the situation. Everybody know what has to be done because of the situation." Let's hope our students spend more time on their nightly studies than the "Jersey Shore" characters spend on their hair... but not too much more!

If I can be of any further help or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to seeing you all at Curriculum Night.


  1. Hahaha.... love jersey shore. i like how you related it to our trace fossil thingamajoiggers. (Hahahaha just made up that word......)

    (yeh, you know it's true.)

  2. you've gone to unbelievable measures to relate to your students. maybe even a little too far.