Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Highwaymen and 7.8/3 Social Studies

The Highwaymen might have been talking about the upcoming week in 7.8/3 Social Studies. The "road does go on forever" while the intellectual "party never ends." With what is at stake this week, the traveling troubadours of American consciousness were dead on. My hope is that all of us can help our emerging scholars better understand what this road entails and how progress can be made upon it.
7th Grade
* Monday will be the collection day for the Chapter 7 Assessments- Students were given this assessment on Thursday and my hope is that they are ready to submit it by the end of Monday's class.
* Tuesday will be the collection day for the "Bundle" of Chapter 7 Homework- Assigned last week each night, there are assignments that are to be collected at the start of Tuesday's class.
* Wednesday will start the discussion of the Constitution with the breakdown of the Preamble and the inspirations for the Constitution through Friday and the weekend.

8th Grade
* Monday and Tuesday will be the last days for students to assemble their Chapter 19 assessments and five identifications- One completed assessment and five identifications will be submitted by Wednesday at 5:30 PM.
* Wednesday will be an "exit assessment" on Chapter 19 that will gauge student reading of chapter 19 that was assigned last week and forms the basis of their work in the past ten days.
* Thursday and Friday will be spend working on the Chapter 20 Assessment. This will involve reading the content and completing a choice of assessments to go along with this. All work on Chapter 20 will be due on Friday, 1/21.

With conferences and the midway point of the trimester approaching, I can only hope that students are taking advantages of each step along the intellectual highway. With study of the Constitution and World War I awaiting, the party does indeed never end. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any further assistance.

All best.
Mr. Kannan

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