Thursday, March 31, 2011

Renegades of Change into a Postmodern World

This is always an interesting time of year. I mean this from a curriculum standpoint. The seventh graders are exploring the Age of Reform, a time in American History where change was almost taken as the only absolute. The eighth graders are exploring World War II and the ethical and philosophical implications of the Holocaust, a time in World History where nothing was absolute. In both, students will find themselves forced to reexamine elements of their world that might not have been previously examined. As they, "Look life in the face," there will be teachable moments within teachable moments. While change is all around students, what better vehicle than to internalize this element of change in their own lives.

7th Graders- All grades are updated.
Chapter 12 starts this week. Students will have nightly work to complete which includes a packet of work on the Renegades of Change in Chapter 12, as well as a technological assessment that is due by Saturday night at 6:00. Student packets are due at the end of Friday's class. Students and stakeholders should examine this packet as all nightly assignments are compacted to ensure students create and follow a nightly plan for success. This chart indicates where students need to be each night and where they should be by the next class period in making sure that this chapter, worth 17% of students' overall grade, is maximized for both student success and learning.
For those interesting in glogging, check out this link to a slide show that will help you get started on what a glog is and understanding its use.

8th Graders- All grades are updated.
Casablanca will be our focus on Monday and Tuesday. Waiver letters were sent home with students on Thursday, April 24.
Students will be asked to read chapter 24, sections 1 and 2 Monday night and finish the section on Tuesday night. There will be an enrichment sheet for the film that students will complete Wednesday night. Students need to ensure that this sheet is completed, as their assessment on World War II will consist of completing multiple short essays on the film as well as World War II. Our study of the Holocaust will start next Wednesday.

As we progress towards the half way point of the trimester, students are reminded that our journey is far from done. How one concludes a journey of this magnitude is more important than how it was started.

Best wishes in closing out strong.
Mr. Kannan

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