Saturday, April 16, 2011

Short week with a short entry

With this week being a shortened week, I thought I would keep it the same with this week's blog entry:
7th Grade
Monday- Students will take their assessment on Chapter 13. Students should read Chapter 14, section 1 and complete the Check Your Progress Questions for Homework.
Tuesday and Wednesday- Students will be watching a bag of websites introducing the Civil War. Students will be required to keep running notes and email these off to me at the end of Wednesday's class.

8th Grade
Monday- Students will be submitting their World War II and Casablanca essays before 9:00 on Monday morning. Monday's night homework will be to reflect on who is to blame for Hitler's rise to power.
Tuesday- After reading a speech from Elie Wiesel in class, students will have to link much of what he says to current events or life at Julian.
Wednesday- Students will have to come up with multiple ways to represent Hitler's ascendancy to power.

Hoping all is well.
Mr. Kannan

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