Saturday, September 17, 2011

Delving further into challenging terrain

It was wonderful to see so many of our stakeholders during Curriculum Night. One of my hopes was that I was able to clearly convey how much we have to do and how little time we have to do it. That certainly becomes the focus this week.
For the 8th grade, the focus of this week's Constitutional study goes towards the Judicial Branch. Within this lies "the greatest video of all time." It is a seminal moment for our students, who will enter the pantheon of greatness that so many others have entered rather unwillingly. This video is a moment in time for it represents one of the most intense analysis of the Judicial Branch offered. At the same time, it will help establish our study of the Supreme Court Cases that occupy so much importance on the Constitution Exam. Friday's quiz will be returned early in the week and revisions of this quiz will be due on Monday, 9/26. There will be a study session this week during lunch. My hope is that students will actively engage in dialogue with me and with their parents/ guardians on what they need in order to discover or sustain success in this unit of study.
For the 7th grade, their study of The Crucible in Social Studies ends this week. We will end our study of Miller's work with a writing assignment assigned on Wednesday and is due on Monday, 9.26. Students have really taken to reading a challenging work and the groundwork from this will assist students in their work from the textbook. Students will receive their at home copies of the textbook on Friday, along with their new packets on Chapter 5- the Road to Revolution. This chapter will focus on the idea of how the colonists struggled for freedom and the themes that guided this pursuit. Students will have to read and absorb at a quick clip. However, if students could follow Miller, Salem, betrayal, and loyalty with discipline and focus, then I would think that being able to read about the American Revolution could be done with the same diligence.
As always, if I can be of any help or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.
All best.
Mr. Kannan

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