Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Changing Seasons in Nature and Scholarship

With October presenting itself, there seems to be a sense of change in the air. Almost strikingly like clockwork, the leaves seemed to change colors overnight. It was almost as if the internal calendar of the natural world was impeccably set to the calendars in our kitchens, cubicles, and our studies. (Perhaps, it is the other way around.) In this light, it seems that change is present. It is part of our world and is something that presenting itself to us in an undeniable fashion.

It makes sense that this would be mirrored in our students, as well. With October, more challenges present themselves as our students seek to embrace the pursuit of scholarship that seems inevitably thrust upon their shoulders. This becomes so very true for our seventh graders, who leave the world of Salem and Arthur Miller’s “crucible” and enter the struggle for Colonial freedom. It is here where students will study what it means to be a colonist seeking freedom or what it means to find oneself poised between equally desirable ends of political or economic freedom. With discussion in and outside of the textbook, students will have to synthesize multiple points of view in understanding the exposition to the American Revolution. Students will find themselves having to integrate new means of vocabulary expression in to their own frames of reference. This will also feed into this week’s writing prompts, assigned on Thursday and due on Tuesday of next week. Students will receive their writing prompts on The Crucible this week and revisions of this writing task are due on Tuesday, 10.11. The changes in our students are becoming more evident.

On the 8th grade side of the equation, the word is "Constitution." More importantly, "Constitution Exam." Students will finish their quiz on Monday and should receive it back on Tuesday, the 11th. Students will be in the process of assembling their papers on the Constitution that are due at 9:00 AM on Thursday. Students can submit rough drafts until Tuesday evening. Once these are settled up, the next focus would be the Constitution Projects, due on Friday the 14th at 5:00 PM. Students should be engaging in nightly study for the Constitution Exam on the 20th and 21st. Students can use the study guide on pages two and three of their Constitution Packets. This would be an effective first step for streamlining their study for the exam. There will not be a study session this week, but will be present next week and often.

There is change evident in our students. Many of them are recognizing that embracing the path of scholarship is the only possible way to find success. Those that have not will do so . Change is what makes scholarship possible, and, like clockwork, it is at this point where we as stakeholders can only stand back and admire what is in front of us.

All best and happy hunting.

Mr. Kannan

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