Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Continuing the journey

The next phase of our journey begins next week with the start of the second trimester. More commitment and focus will be needed and we begin right off the bat with challenge and arduous work for all of our students.
For the 7.3 students, the study is of the American Revolution. We are examining chapter 6 this week in terms of historical data on the American Revolution. An open note exam awaits students on Thursday. This will set up the Chapter 6 Writing Tasks which will enable students to showcase their writing talents on the material in a variety of forums. Students will choose one of the several tasks and compose their work by December 19. From this point on, the study of the Constitution and the Constitution Exam awaits.
For the 8th graders, I can only welcome them all with the deepest of humility and honor to the world of Howard Zinn. This link can help to establish some of the basic elements of Zinn's philosophy. Nightly reading in Zinn's "Robber Barons and Rebels" will be the only way through this challenge. Students will deal with open note quizzes on the reading the next day and annotating the article will be the best ways to help students navigate through the lengthy reading. I believe that this will be another challenge for our students as they emerge towards the realm of envisioning themselves as high school students.
In such challenges, the next phase of our journey awaits. Is this fun or what?
All best,
Mr. Kannan
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Journey's end. (Nathan Hayag) / CC BY 3.0

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