Saturday, December 17, 2011

Week Before Winter Break with work to be done

No doubt the fundamental thoughts of our students turn to the impending winter break. I can only wish them all the best for a well deserved time away from the rigors of Julian academic and social life. Yet, before this point is reached, there is one more week of work and focus is required to meet such an adversary:

7th Grade
Monday- All students will be submitting their writing tasks for Chapter 6 along with two sets of Chapter 6 questions. This collection will be worth 800 points and my hope is that students will be eagerly working towards meeting this deadline.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday- Students will be working nightly in completing reading and assigned questions from Chapter 7. This is extremely challenging reading because it sets up the Constitution. This unit is something that will require students to focus their energies both in these nights and carry that knowledge with them over after the break, as the Constitution will be our focus of study for January and February.
Friday- Start the process of assembling IT FITS Cards for Chapter 7.
I am confident that student focus will be harnessed in working this week, aided through the use of daily points rubrics.

8th Grade
In class work will be focused on completing Assessments on Howard Zinn. These assessments are due on Friday at the end of class. Each student will submit an assessment as well as a completed enrichment sheet on the Zinn Reading.

Next week, I hope to publish a post of all the things that students can do over break in terms of extra credit that can keep skills sharp over the break and help their grades in Social Studies at the same time.

All best.
Mr. Kannan

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