Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Party Gets Started... and an exam to boot!

For the seventh graders, it's a Constitution Exam all the way down. I can only wish them the best of luck on it throughout. There will be a study session on Wednesday of this week, if anyone needs assistance.

For the eighth graders, the pain of World War I is supplanted by the horrific shallowness of The 1920s: The Jazz Age. With World War I Primary Source Assessments due at 9:00 AM, students must make sure that these are ready to be submitted and then begin their study of the Jazz Age. Students will have nightly assignments as we learn the joys, pains, and sorrows of a party that seemed like it would never end, but actually did.

For all students, extra credit from the blog expires on Tuesday at 6:00 PM.

8th Graders: Here is the link to the bag of 1920s video clips and then, here is the link to edmodo.

For the slideshow on how to log in to edmodo and set up an account, click here.

Nothing but the best to you all as the pain of pressure and core of nothingness becomes evident to all,

Mr. Kannan

Syllabus for 7.3 Social Studies

Week of 2.20- 2.24

Mr. Kannan- Email:

Blog Address:

Monday: No School- President’s Day.

HW: Constitution Exam starts tomorrow.

Tuesday: Constitution Exam. Continues until Friday.

Syllabus for 8.3 Social Studies

Week of 2.20- 2.24

Mr. Kannan- Email:

Blog Address:

Monday: No School- President’s Day.

HW: Enrichment Sheet Due Tomorrow at 9:00 AM.

Tuesday: Submit enrichment sheets. Collect new packets. Introduce the Jazz Age.

HW: Finish viewing the bag of websites on the 1920s. What is this age all about?

Wednesday: Go over ticket for Tommy Guns and unit expectations.

HW: View the Prezi on the Themes of the 1920s

Thursday Review the themes of the 1920s and discuss any questions about the themes. Log on to Edmodo and start posting on the different topics on Edmodo.

Remember that you are required to post at least six comments on Edmodo in order to go to Tommy Guns. Start keeping track on your tickets. The more you do, the quicker you get to go to Tommy Guns.

Friday: Work on edmodo posts or on the study guides from chapter 22.

HW: Finish both edmodo posts and study guides on chapter 22 (2 completed.) Stamps given Wednesday or on your own time.

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