Friday, October 5, 2012

Process and Product Merging Towards Scholarship

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  At this point in time, my sincere hope is that all of our emerging scholars are working on their identifications.  This assignment forces students to combine elements of the textbook and of their own understanding of historical figures to demonstrate a thought provoking paragraph about the people who "made" history.  Students will have their identifications collected Wednesday.
The emphasis on process and product is a rather large one for me.  Throughout my career, I have made the case in a most determined manner that the process by which one constructs work helps to establish the product reflective of such effort.  Good work is not simply "done."  It is the result of a process.  For our students, my hope is that they are able to walk away from this class, this team, and this district with the understanding that process and product go together.  The habit of developing academic success, embryonic steps on the path of scholarship, is part of the culture of achievement that I underscore as the essence of fiber of our being in B405.  I do hope that you will help me help your students by stressing to them that work outside of class is essential in order to find success in it.  Simple questions such as, "Do you have your identifications done," or "Can I look over your identifications," or even, "Which theme did you seem to understand the most in your identifications, "can initiate a process outside of class that I have been stressing to our students within it.
Outside of identifications being due Wednesday, will be starting our study of the 2012 Elections through the online learning environment of Edmodo.  Students will start this on Wednesday and while each Wednesday leading to the election will be devoted to online learning, I stress that students should be posting their thoughts outside of class as well.  A cumulative assessment on these posts will be offered as Election Day approaches, a day that will not only test the fiber of those running for the highest offices in the land but also a day that will test the mettle of our students, as well.
Finally, students will be reading chapter 19 on Thursday night and Friday through the weekend with identifications to be composed on chapter 19 in the process.  By the time the opening theme of "Football Night in America" on Sunday night blares over the television airwaves, students should have five identifications done on chapter 19.  They should not be surprised if there is a spot check on this on Monday or Tuesday.

As we approach conferences, please click here for a cover sheet as to what has been covered thus far in the class and where we hope to be at our next scheduled moment to meet.

All best.
Mr. Kannan

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