Friday, April 12, 2013

The Start of the Final Act: World War II and the Holocaust in 8.2 Social Studies

We start our last unit this week.  It is challenging to believe that from Learning Styles in Autumn and index cards with "The Moldau" playing in the background we have progressed to this point.  Yet, indeed, we have done so. 

Before going through the assignments for the week, a special thanks goes out to our guest speaker on Friday and our students on Friday.  I am indebted for the instruction that Mrs. Batia gave to our team on Friday in her discussion about poverty.  She was able to initiate thought and reflection in our students and there is no greater end than this.  Her open and collaborative approach allowed us to conclude one of the most meaningful units on Poverty I have witnessed.  I am thankful to her as we all benefited from her guidance and insight.
I am also thankful to our students.  I gave this small item for students to meet me in the Team Area if they wanted an early shot at their Close Reading assignment for Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men.  I go out to the team area at 3:29, expecting a handful of students and a start for the weekend.  All of a sudden, it becomes a bull rush and a line that spanned two classrooms. At one point, I could not see the end of the line of students.  It seemed like a line for an Indian temple.  I was taken aback and I wanted to get them out to their after school obligations in so many ways that I could not marvel and thank them for caring.  There was something rather magical to see a group of 8th graders wait in line for a writing assignment.  It was at this moment that I saw the embodiment of scholarship- the transformation from what is to what can be.  Few other 8th graders would do that and so many of ours did.  I am humbled and honored to serve as their history teacher.  It is a title that I will never relinquish.

Our work for this week follows below.  Please keep in mind that the Close Reading on Steinbeck assignment should be done in Final Draft Form, on separate sheets of paper, and with thorough detail including textual support.  It is due on 4.25.

Monday- Collect Enrichment Sheets and distribute Close Reading Assessment. Start working
on Chapter 24, sections 1 and 2 Enrichment Sheets in Holocaust Packet.  
Tuesday- In class work or break out on sections 1 and 2. Finish chapter 24, sections 3 and
Wednesday- Break out sessions on chapter 24, sections 3 and 4.  All enrichment sheets need to be done.
Thursday- Check of all Enrichment Sheets-Nothing is left blank. Leave no
answer behind. Outline basics of Holocaust Unit- Expectations, format, where it goes and where you
should be heading with it. Discuss literature of Holocaust. Read the textbook understanding of the Holocaust.
Friday- Begin Holocaust Unit on the day before Hitler’s Birthday. Discuss Wiley’s political cartoon and opening poems to unit.

If I can be of any further help or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.
All best.
Mr. Kannan

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