Sunday, March 9, 2014

One Week to Go Before Tommy Guns!

This week, students will be closing out the 1920s unit.  Students going to Tommy Guns should work on their outfits and their three facts of their chosen person.  All permission slips and money should be submitted on Monday.

The party is coming to an end...   Enjoy it and get ready for what will lie ahead.

Assignments for the week of 3.10

Shakespeare Field Trip

Find your 15 minutes.  Continue on your station rotation work.
Finish Station Rotation.

Find your 15 minutes.  Be ready to submit your station rotation items tomorrow.

Debrief on Station Rotation.  Discuss 1920s Assessment which starts Thursday.

Find your 15 Minutes.  Make sure you have the necessary items for your 1920s Assessment which starts on tomorrow.
Take 1920s Assessment.

Find your 15 Minutes. You can come during lunch or in the morning, if you wish to continue your 1920s Assessment.
Pi Day numbers around the wing.  If you are done with your numbers, go back to your 1920s Assessment and finish it.

Find your 15 Minutes.  Read over Teasdale’s “There Will Come Soft Rains.”  Get your costume and facts ready for Tommy Guns.

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