Saturday, May 8, 2010

Renegades of Change in the Morning, Good and Evil in the Afternoon

This week, students will be working towards their assessments in their respective units. Both groups are facing some of the most difficult of work as they near the end of their voyages in this classroom. It could not have been planned any better.

7th Grade
In Class Work: Chapter 13 will be covered this week through Outcome Sentences. Students will be assigned a fixed number that have to be completed on a specific section and specific topics. What is not done in class will be done at home. Friday will be an open note Outcome Sentence Assessment on Chapter 13.
At Home Work: Students must utilize their out of class time to work on the Chapter 11 and 12 Assessments. These tasks are worth 900 points, and an extra copy of them can be found here., under "Task Rotation Assessment on Chapter 11 and 12." Rough drafts will be taken until Tuesday, 5/11, and final drafts of all work are due on Wednesday, 5/19.

8th Grade
In Class Work: We will be reading selected poems from the Holocaust. Writers such as Wiesel, Gershon, and Borowski will be our primary focus. We will explore themes in Holocaust Literature and through discussion delve into these topics.
At Home Work: Students will be requested to reflect on what was discussed in class and compose anything they wish towards it in order to substantiate and enhance current academic production. There will be an assessment on this unit due on 5/18.

If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at school or at my home.
All best.
Mr. Kannan


  1. hey yo mr. kannan! how are you darllinggggggg(: i hear that leah made the basketball team. what a disgrace to basketball. haha justtt kidding. so hows your teaching been going? teddy bears mr. kannan. really? im glad to see your working those kids....especially my sister. i think you should give her an extra assignment justt for me. well goodbye now.
    love, elaine

  2. My answer to Extra credit problem-

    It can help because, it shows us an example of a trace fossil and shows us a window to the past.

    -Parker Gajewski