Sunday, May 2, 2010

What to do this week for Social Studies

With the end in sight and less than a month to go, the time for our students to close the door on this journey of and towards scholarship is at hand. There is much to be done with little time on the clock left. Indeed, we are beginning to see the home stretch in sight and students must make sure that they are taking all needed steps to close out a very successful tenure in the confines of this classroom.
7th Grade Social Studies
Monday and Tuesday- Continue/ Complete Station Rotation for Chapter 11, sections 2 and 3.
For the bag of websites, CLICK HERE!
For the backchannel to post thoughts on the video clips, CLICK HERE!
Homework each night should be to make sure work from that day's station is done and that reading in Chapter 12 has commenced with the completion of one set of Check Your Progress Questions for sections 1 or 2 and another set for sections 3 or 4.
Wednesday- Reconvene to make sure all stations have been covered for chapter 11 and then ensure that all of chapter 12 has been read.
Thursday and Friday- Start and finish, by Friday, analysis of Chapter 12. The Chapter 11 and 12 Assessment will be distributed on Friday and is due on 5/14. It is worth 800 points.

8th Grade
We will be reading through our packets on the study of the Holocaust. Students are encourage to complete the pondering prompts each night and investigate ways to explore the Holocaust. These will be counted as Extra Credit for students. We will be working towards our study of poetry of the Holocaust, which will be started on Thursday.

Hoping all is well and that students continue to be vigilant of their grades by checking online.
All best.
Mr. Kannan


  1. I think the video stations are always the most interesting because they allow for lots of creativity and metaphors and unique takes to things like urbanazation and the conflict of slaves.

  2. Mystery Favorite Former StudentMay 3, 2010 at 5:22 PM

    Loving the Hollow Men over in your sidebar thing.
    And not to be overly critical, but I think the best way to learn about the South is Johnny Cash and George Strait. Their words transcend eras.

  3. JM- i liked the video about Nat Turner because I thought that it was like a play and it showed what exactly Nat turner did