Sunday, October 31, 2010

Focusing on the week ahead

The train keeps on rolling, and we close October and open November with more on tap.
7th Grade-
* Rough drafts of all Chapter 5 Assessments can be turned in until Wednesday- Wednesday will be the last day I will read a rough draft.
* Final drafts of all Chapter 5 Assessments are due on Tuesday, November 9.
* All students will be submitting two completed work samples and two defense pieces. Encourage your students to submit rough drafts of all of their work as well as asking them questions such as if they have studied the axes of perception and judgment and incorporated these terms in their defense pieces. Another question to be asked is whether they are consciously aware that their work mirror the learning style specified. I think that opening dialogues with students about their work is one of the best ways to ensure quality work is present, as it helps to align process and product.

8th Grade-
* Students will be working on their Immigration Assessments in class- All slides need to be done by Tuesday with emailing being done by Wednesday. In class focus will be helping to determine overall success on this task.
* Students will have reading to complete in their textbook this weekend on Chapters 17 and 18. Understanding that the long weekend is in front of us, students should make sure they take necessary precautions to make sure that all reading is done by Monday of next week. Special commendation should be given to the three students who revised their written portions of the Constitution Exam.

As we progress into the closing phase of the first trimester, please do not hesitate to contact me at school or at my home if you have any questions.
All best.
Mr. Kannan


  1. I agree to the we overtook the Indians land part part of this, but we were not illegal immigrants. We were not because the Indians had no laws against us coming. To make someone an illegal immigrant their must be a law stating that they are illegal.

  2. My take on the Arizona Immigration law is that it is a joke. It singles out all colored races. Example, if the police see a white man or women who could be an illegal immigrant from Sweden, they would not ask for papers because they look like a stereotypical American. If they saw and Indian man or women they would ask for papers. They base all accusations on the looks of people. That is a joke.

  3. If born in America I say you have to be an American citizen. What citizen would you be if you were not American? The word citizen means naturalized and if born in America you were naturalized there.

    Elliot 7

  4. I agree we overtook the land of the Indians, but we were not illegal immigrants because the Indians did not make laws for us not to be allowed in our country. It was still a bad thing to do, but it was not illegal immigrating.

    Elliot 7

  5. my take on the Arizona Immigration law is that it is a joke. It singles all colored races out because they base their accusations on looks. Example, if they saw a white Swedish man or women who was illegal, they would not ask for papers because they look like stereotypical Americans. If they see a man or women of color they would ask for papers. This is whole thing is stereotypical, and that is a joke.

    Elliot 7