Saturday, October 16, 2010

Standing on the Threshold of Change

Something is going to change this week. I can just feel it. It usually works out this way. Something is thrown down to students and they must find their way through it. At the end of it, they become a different person than they were before they started. Once the doors of the mind's understanding are opened, little remains the same. The way in which they think will be fundamentally different.
For the seventh graders, this lies in their analysis of different learning styles. The lesson is reflexive, as they seek to understand more about themselves, and is also applicable to the world around them as they seek to understand others. The idea of being able to diagnose their own learning strengths and areas of improvement. At the same time, many will have to confront the helpful demon of revisions. Revisions of the Chapter 5 Writing Extensions are going to be due on Monday, 10.25, while revisions of the Chapter 5 Exam will be during Wednesday's lunch period. Indeed, this will be a week of personal change through labyrinths where one decision can lead to many others.

And then, there are the 8th Graders....
This week is the Constitution Exam. Thursday is the writing component, while Friday is the multiple choice one. Students will have study sessions Monday and Tuesday during lunch, as well as extra credit due on Wednesday. Finally, all Constitution Wiki pages are due on Tuesday at 6:00. A unit six weeks in the making will be finished this week. If students would like to receive additional credit for the next unit, Monopoly Board Games can be brought in this week for up to fifty points extra credit.

I look forward to seeing many of you this week for Conferences. If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at school or at home.
Mr. Kannan

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  1. Well, my comment 4 the lesson we learned today in SS is the types of learners students are. I think i am an intuitive thinker. I think i can make a debate out of any argument. Ask my friends if u don't believe :) I believe the things i fight for and usually win the arguments. :) I guess i just have that extra talent. i even wanna b a lawyer when i grow up. most of my aunts and uncles r lawyers, so i think i got it from them. I dont think i am a sensory thinker cuz thoses r like robots. nothen but school, and that aint cool.

  2. The lecture the other day really stuck with me. I kept thinking, "Which type of learning style am I?" It sort of confused me, and still does, but I think I'm starting to grasp the subject.
    B.H 1st period