Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Don't Give Up:" Sage Advice from Peter Gabriel and about 7.8/3 Social Studies

As long as we seem to be on the confessional edge, I cannot conceal my deep love for the music of Peter Gabriel.  I have a difficult time finding an artist who has been able to capture more of the arc of human development like Gabriel.  I think that there is something in his music that can connect to the unbridled optimism of consciousness in one moment with the pangs of desperation, the very worst of what it means to be human in the next moment.  I discovered him as a sophomore in high school and I can safely say that my discovery of his music was probably the best thing out of high school...  That and too many lunch periods spent at Second Hand Tunes browsing over scratched Peter Gabriel LP's and cassettes.  (I am fairly sure I just lost most of my students with that sentence.)
One of Gabriel's best songs is his most simply titled, "Don't Give Up."  As we enter the last month of the school year, better words could not sum up my message to the students.
Don't give up.  There's a place where you belong.

7.3 Students- All edmodo posts need to be done by Sunday.  Expect homework all this week.  Monday will be Station Rotation questions.  Tuesday and Wednesday should be spent preparing for the Civil War Quiz on Thursday.  Wednesday will also be the day when students will receive the Final Assessment.  The quiz will take place on Thursday with questions on the Final Assessment taken on Friday.

8.3 Students- Holocaust Art paragraphs and thematic analysis enrichment sheets are due Monday.  Expect the poetry of the Holocaust to be present all week with the discussion of the week ending with Karen Gershon.

Syllabus for 7.3 Social Studies
Week of 4.30 – 5.4
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Monday:  15-1  Station Rotation.
HW:  Finish for homework tonight any and all questions from Station Rotation.
Tuesday:       Read 15-2 and 15-3 in class and finish work assigned from it.
HW:  Finish 15-2 and 15-3 questions as assigned in class.        
Wednesday:  Finish chapter 15.  Review and assemble small index cards.  Quiz Thursday.
HW:  Study for quiz, review Final Assessment.  Declare Final Assessment choices by Monday,  5.9.
Thursday:   Take quiz.  Look over and examine Final Assessment.
HW:   Start assessing which final assessment choice you are going to take.
Friday:    Discuss final assessment.  Take any and all questions.
HW:  Final Assessment Choices are declared on Monday.  You might even want to start working on your Final Assessment.

Syllabus for 8.3 Social Studies
Week of 4.30- 5.4
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Monday:  Introduce “Holocaust Poetry” and the lines.
HW:    Annotate “How Can I See You, Love” for themes in Holocaust literature.
Tuesday:   Read “He Was Lucky” and “Massacre of the Boys.”
HW:  Finish questions on “He Was Lucky” and “Massacre of the Boys” or annotate “Dusk” and “I Am a Jew” for themes in Holocaust literature.  This assignment must be done in complete sentences and with thorough detail.  It will be collected tomorrow.
Wednesday:  The Silent Majority.  Introduce Simone Weil’s vision of Survivor’s Guilt and read “I Did Not Manage to Save,” “Archive Film Material,” “I, the Survivor.” And “La Pathetique.”
HW:  Pick one poem to answer questions.  These questions should be done in thorough detail with line support and complete sentences.  It will be collected tomorrow.
Thursday:    Introduce Karen Gershon.  Analyze her biography and what some of the implications are from it. 
HW:   Annotate Gershon Biography for evidence that supports the following statement:  “Karen Gershon represents the unending pain of the Holocaust.”

Friday:  Read Gershon’s “I Was Not There” and “Race.”  Discuss the poems in light of Gershon’s life and annotate for themes in Holocaust Literature.
HW:    Answer questions on Karen Gershon’s poetry in complete sentences and thorough detail.  This assignment will be collected on Monday.

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