Friday, May 4, 2012

This week is a tough one!

To put it in the most simple of terms, this is a tough week in Social Studies.  Good luck to you all!
8th graders- Homework from Karen Gershon's poems are due Monday with the Holocaust unit ending this week.  I wonder what the assessment will be?  Could we have something where the assessment is only one question... in 27 parts?  (We miss you, Rodney Dangerfield!)
7th graders- Monday is declaration day for your Final Assessments.  Then, it's working on your Final Assessments and being able to submit them on Friday, 5.18.
Best wishes to all of you.  I think you will need it.
Mr. Kannan

Syllabus for 7.3 Social Studies
Week of 5.7 – 5.11
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Monday:  Start working on Final Assessment.
HW:  Final Assessments due on 5.18.  This is the last chance to proactively raise your grade.
Tuesday:    In class working on Final Assessment.
HW:  Keep up with scaffolded breakdown of what needs to be done.
Wednesday:   Continue making progress on Final Assessment.
HW:  At this point, you should have made some level of progress in completing your Final Assessment.  Have you thought about submitting a rough draft?
Thursday:   Progress through Final Assessment construction.  Conferences.
HW:   Assess where you are with your Final Assessment.  In the final analysis, the work is yours, but it might be good to get opinions from parent/ guardians.
Friday:    Final Assessments are due in one week.  Conferences.
HW:  One week from now, your Final Assessments are due.  Will your Final Assessment reflect your best work and your best chance of getting the grade that is most representative of your work and your problem solving abilities?

Syllabus for 8.3 Social Studies
Week of 5.7- 5.11
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Monday:  Discuss Day V:  Holocaust Lecture Notes and poems on “Lessons.” 
HW:    Reflect on what the ultimate lesson is on the Holocaust.  Man, this sounds like a heck of an ending question for the class… Just a thought.
Tuesday:  Sylvia Plath and “Daddy.”  (It is official:  You all have been indoctrinated into the realm of depressing poems if you are reading Plath.  Congrats and welcome!)
HW:   Read “Riddle” and “Portrait of a House Detective” and answer questions on these questions. After these questions, explain how the Plath poem represents the idea that “Even amidst fierce flames the golden lotus can be planted.”  Explain this in a solid and thorough paragraph with reference to the poem and Plath’s confessions through it.  These will be collected tomorrow.
Wednesday:   Close with “God,” “Experiments with God” and “Ani Maamin.”
HW:  Answer questions on poems.  These will be collected tomorrow.
Thursday/ Friday:  Film Clips of the Holocaust unit.
HW:   Finish writing assignment based off of film clips.

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