Saturday, October 19, 2013

Making progress on the path of scholarship

With this Monday's identifications submitted, students will have published five identifications.  In addition to this, students will have interacted with 21 themes.  In two and half weeks, that's pretty good work output.  We are starting the process of applying these themes to Progressivism projects and "strange passengers" this week. From this, we move into Marx and Smith, two really strange passengers.  Upon this, Howard Zinn becomes our next target.  This is the path in front of us, filled with obstacles and challenges, yet increasing our strength with each advancing step.  (Extra credit if you can identify which theme that was from.)

At such a challenging point, students need to figure out where things are with them.  This goes beyond a letter grade.  If students are confused on challenging elements presented thus far, coming in during lunch or setting up a morning appointment to meet with me is going to be critical.  This is essential for students and something that will enable them to become stronger in both the content and for next year.  Developing this skill of advocacy is a lifelong skill.  In addition to this, students can pursue the written extra credit opportunities present.  My hope is that students also pursue the rough draft process and the revision process in enabling their writing to become stronger.

Paying attention to these steps can also assist in walking the path.  As is known, there is a difference between knowing the path and walking it.
Walk on, emerging scholars.  Walk on.
All best.
Mr. Kannan

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