Sunday, October 27, 2013

Progressing through Progressivism

Our journey through Progressivism continues this week.  Upton Sinclair, Marx, and Smith are the focal points for this week.

Monday:  Projects due Wednesday.  Finish Common Core Work on The Jungle in packet.  Page number divulged in class.

Tuesday:  Projects due tomorrow.
Wednesday:  Projects due at 7:00 Tonight.  Work on completing part of your Marx/ Smith lecture sheet.
Thursday:  Complete more of the Marx/ Smith lecture sheet.
Friday:  Continue on with completing more of the Marx/ Smith lecture sheet.
My hope is that projects are sent through on Wednesday, students keep up with the assignments and can deal with the small "pop" identification thrown at them this week.

My hope is that students also recognize that if they are struggling in the class, the following can be pursued:
1)  Meet with me during lunch or in the morning by appointment- One meeting can result in massive change.  I have seen two instances this year where students met with me individually and they saw their grade rise a letter and a half.  One child saw a grade from a 68% rise to an 84% in the course of a week because of meeting with me.  It works.  Meeting and coming up with a plan to increase student achievement shows advocacy.
2)  Email me- If meeting with me does not work, sending an email or a message can assist.  The results are not as dramatic, but an email communication can also suffice.
3)  Take advantage of revisions and extra credit- Students who complete extra work or evise work can find their grades going up.

In the end, we are in the advocacy business.  We are trying to get our students, your children, to become better advocates for their learning.  Following through on these steps is a down payment on this investment which will reap dividends.
All best.
Mr. Kannan

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