Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Shortened Week, but a great chance to get some extra help!

With the shortened week, students will naturally drift off into thinking about the five day break.  It is natural, but I strongly suggest that some thought is given to receiving extra help on their Social Studies reading proves to be confusing.
We finish the Howard Zinn reading as of Monday.  Now, the assessment phase begins.  Some of our students are finding the reading to be challenging, embracing the very sense of rigor I predicted about two weeks ago.  If students are having trouble, this is a potential plan of action that can be followed:
1)  Students can come in during lunch on Monday and Tuesday to receive additional instruction.
2)  Students can come in Monday and Tuesday morning to receive additional instruction.
3)  Students can email me or send me a googledoc with questions that they have on the reading or approaches they can take to help understand the reading better.
4)  Students can contact me at my home and we can have a phone conference to help them better learn the necessary elements of the material.

While students should think of the upcoming break as a chance to be free of all that bothers them at school and all that hopefully awaits for them at home, this break does not mean that all work and thinking should be suspended.  Students can advocate for their learning and enjoy their time away from school.  It is possible.  It truly is...

With that, our schedule for the week:

Monday, November 26- Catchup day in class.  If you need to finish any reading, you do it today.  By tonight, the Zinn article should be entirely annotated.  If you are done, start the questions assigned in class (Page 179- #s 35-45)
HW:  All questions from 35 to 45 on page 179 need to be completed tonight and the entire Zinn article needs to be annotated.   

Tuesday, November 27- Introduce Zinn Assessment.  Discuss all parts.  The Close Reading Passages will be given out next week.  Assess Page 179, 35- 45.

HW:  If you want, start on the Zinn Assessment in terms of parts I and II.  You must have finished annotating the Zinn Article.

Best wishes to all stakeholders and their families on this Thanksgiving Weekend.
All best.
Mr. Kannan

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