Thursday, February 20, 2014

Clive James and Fame in the 1920s... and 8.2 Students

We progress through the 1920s this week with a celebrity based study of fame.  Clive James is our guide through a celebrity- centered view of historical development.  Students will have to keep up with their fame logs and ensure that in class focus is present.  While we won't have any major assessments this week, failure to pay attention in class could simply be that- failure.
At the same time, students received their Tommy Guns' Field Trip permission slips on Friday.  Students who wish to go should make the necessary arrangements for payment and ensure that their tickets are stamped.  All tickets need to be stamped by March 10.  Let us progress towards work completion and having fun at Tommy Guns.  There are no refunds for Tommy Guns, so work completion must be our focus.
With that, the roar of work awaits this week:
Monday, 2.24

Continue reading James’ “Fame in the 20th Century.”

Find your 15 Minutes.  Work on your Celebrity Log.

Tuesday, 2.25

Finish reading James “Fame in the 20th Century.”

Find your 15 minutes, work on your celebrity log, and finish specified questions from packet.

Wednesday, 2.26

Finish reading James’ Fame in the 20th Century..

Find your 15 Minutes. Tomorrow will be an all purpose stamp day.  It should be one where nearly half of your ticket to Tommy Guns is punched.  Collect Celebrity Logs tomorrow as the enrichment sheet to be stamped.

Thursday, 2.27

Slang Lesson of the 1920s.  Start with Slang Tasks to be done in groups.  Finish by end of class for stamp.   Celebrity Logs to be Stamped for Enrichment Sheet.

Find your 15 minutes.  Catch up on your work.  Tommy Guns’ Tickets need to be punched in 14 days.

Friday, 2.28

“A Feeling in the Air:”  The Harlem Renaissance.  Annotate for the voice of “the other.”  Discuss what “the other” is in American society.

Find your 15 minutes.  Extra credit: Define “the other” in the 1920s and in American Society.  Any way you can represent your findings is fine with me.  (Yeah, you heard me- go on and define “the other.”)
All best and happy hunting.
Mr. Kannan

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