Friday, February 14, 2014

Winter Dreams: Scott Fitzgerald and 8.2

Winter Dreams.  Not merely the state of where we are with the frigid temperatures, but a reflection of the 1920s.  F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story is on the mind of our students as we continue with our study of the 1920s.  Students should make sure they are keeping up with the nightly assignments both from the textbook as well as from their packets.  We are making progress through the "roaring '20s."  Let us strive to make sure it does not deafen us in the process.

Work for this  week:

2.17- Finish work from pages 8-11 in 1920s Packet.  These notetaking guides should be ready to go for stamping tomorrow.

2.18- Continue to read "Winter Dreams" in class.  Finish assigned questions from Enrichment Sheet in packet.

2.19- Continue/ Conclude "Winter Dreams."  Finish assigned questions from Enrichment Sheet in packet.

2.20- Either finish "Winter Dreams" or use it as a day to stamp away tickets to Tommy Guns.  HW:  Make progress on your Tommy Guns' ticket.

Permission slips for Tommy Guns' field trip will be sent home this week.  All tickets must be stamped by March 10, at which time the signed permission slip is due.
If I can be of any further help or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.
All best.
Mr. Kannan

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