Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Technology Tasks for 8th Grade: 1/20 and 1/21

You have some technology tasks in front of you for today, 1/20 and 1/21. Your goals would be to make progress on one or more of the tasks.


* Post comments on any of the discussion threads offered in the 8th grade Moodle Site.
* Post comments on any of the Current Events discussion threads offered in the Current Events Moodle Site. Consider making at least three posts on each site. A moodle conversation or dialogue with someone else could make for very interesting reading.

* Social Studies Blog- For those who are continuing their blog from Progressivism, some general topics for blogging are offered:
1) Discuss how Progressivists would view specific individuals from chapter 20.
2) Explain how Progressivists might see the actions of the United States Government in foreign expansion.
3) What seems to define the American sense of character and identity in Chapter 20?
4) How is this sense of character and identity different than what is featured in Chapter 20?
5) How does Chapter 20 seems to add on to the idea of political power being a pendulum swinging from one side to another?
6) Howard Zinn is quite fond of saying that "War is necessary for the health of the state." How might this be true in chapter 20?
7) Where have been some moments where Roosevelt's idea of "speak soft and carry a big stick" was a good plan to follow? Where might it be not such a hot idea?

For those of you starting a blog, your first entry should be focused on the differences between blogging and writing through traditional pen and paper. Your next couple of entries could be on identifications from chapter 20 and then you can address some of the above questions.
For all bloggers, do not forget images that can help to illuminate the meaning of your blogs as well as the design elements that help to enhance "the look and feel" of a blog.


Examine some of the glogs I identified in the Chapter 19 Assessment. Some topics upon which to "glog":
* American Foreign Policy as outlined in Chapter 20
* Images of Imperialism
* Teddy Roosevelt's idea of "speak softly and carry a big stick" towards foreign policy.
* Create a glog on "the faces of war" in which you discuss the wars America has been from the Revolution to the conflicts identified in Chapter 20.


As I mentioned yesterday, Wallwisher.com has become a new and interesting item for me. I have started some "walls" where more could be added, so feel free to click on the links below and post away!
Themes of Chapter 20
Chapter 20 Assessments
Technology in the Classroom

Happy Technology Hunting!
Mr. Kannan

P.S. Please don't forget to check your grade online! Go to the District Website in order to log in and check your academic standing.

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