Monday, January 25, 2010

Technology Tasks for 8th Grade: 1/27 and 1/28

Attention all 8th graders! Your Digital Portfolios will be checked on February 25! This gives you about a month to finalize them, so let's get to it! You know what will be examined for your portfolio, so please get moving on completing them!

*If you are continuing to work on your blogs, please make sure that you are linking your posts to Social Studies Content/ Ideas/ Themes. Don't hesitate to incorporate your voice into this dialogue. This is what will make your blogs work.
* Make sure your blog has the look and feel of a blog with gadgets, personal touches. Here's an idea for today: Compose a blog entry and then wordle it. Take a snapshot of it and use that as a graphic on your blog entry! Here is a link on how to make a snapshot on a Mac!

*If you are continuing to work on your glogs, please make sure your glog has the look and feel of a glog. Have it connect to the content and your ideas on it.
* One idea for today: Type a small paragraph on Microsoft Word about your glog, what it features, why it is important. Wordle that paragraph, and take a snapshot of it and use it as a graphic for your glog! Here is a link on how to make a snapshot on a Mac!

*This week's posts are all a reflection of our Institute Day from Monday. The topics raised tie into student achievement and what you, as students, perceive about your life in the classroom. I have incorporated a comic strip approach to each of the walls for this week, given how many of you are working on comic strips for your Chapter 20 Assessments, due this Friday! Here are the two walls for this week:

The Eternal Battle Between Students and Teachers

Reflections on Standardized Testing

As always, some new options are opened regarding the Chapter 20 Assessment and the original threads from last week are up with new comments made.

Please remember that all of you will be submitting a Chapter 20 Assessment on Friday. On to World War I after that!

All best.
Mr. Kannan

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