Saturday, February 20, 2010

The closing bend or the really big truck that lies ahead

I am reminded of a great scene in the "Matrix Reloaded" which might summarize the events of this next week. After saving the Keymaker, Morpheus finds himself standing on a moving truck on the freeway and another truck ahead is heading directly into his. He looks at this oncoming collision and mutters, "Neo, if you're out there right now, I could really use your help."
I guess such a sentiment could apply to many of our 7th and 8th graders this week. The former will be immersed in a five day exam on the Constitution. I think that this will be tough. There is little doubt about it. Not only have we been preparing for this assessment for some time, but our study in Core Extension has been focused on test taking tips, such as mentally calming down, taking deep breaths, preventing anxiety, and ensuring that incremental steps are taken in order to ensure a greater chance of success. These will all be helpful this week. Students are encouraged to engage in review this weekend and then during the week, studying concepts seen on the exam will also help in achieving a greater chance of success. Outcome Sentence Logs will be checked during the exam on Tuesday and Wednesday.
For the 8th graders, the oncoming truck that might necessitate them to call out to Neo, or to essentially become their own miracle that they seek, would be to engage in nightly studying for their exam on World War I and to complete their Digital Portfolio. The first part of the exam is on Thursday, and will be a standard textbook exam on chapter 21, the First World War. The second part of the exam will be on Friday, and will involve the use of computers in producing a product that reflects an individualized approach to the Primary Sources that we have studied. At the same time, students will be finalizing their Digital Portfolios which are due on Friday. This week, a more detailed blog entry will be present outlining the exact manner in which these must be submitted and the manner in which it is to be assembled.
As the big truck seems to be oncoming, our own emerging students of Morpheus are able to call out and become the miracles that they seek. Just as Morpheus and Holden called out to forces within and outside of themselves to transform what is into what should be, our emerging scholars must try to do the same.
It will be fun and it will be real.
All best.
Mr. Kannan

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  1. Core Extention, I think, applies to all the classes, whether they are big exams and/or little exams. And, also, you went to the auto show?