Monday, February 15, 2010

Studying Tips for 7th Grade Core Extension

We have already identified how we spend our time, how our day looks, and how things progress with our areas of study. Now, let's go to the next step which is what constitute successful study habits.
In order for this to work, we will have to work through the world of Wallwishers. Essentially, we will be generating a list or compilation of successful habits towards the process of studying. When we post responses on Wallwishers, remember a couple of things:
1) Do not use full names- If you want to use an initial or some other type of appropriate alias, that is fine. When you post anything on the web, be mindful of the fact that EVERYONE AND ANYONE IS OUT THERE!
2) Feel free to discuss your views and comment on others- However, remember that we must comment and express our opinions in a respectful manner. This is an online conversation, but we have to make sure we understand that we are typing thoughts and expressing ourselves so that everyone can read what we write. Our comments must reflect that.
3) If you want to, feel free to create an account on Wallwishers at

STEP ONE: The first thing we need to do is go to our first wall. Click on the link below:
* Study Tips for 7th Grade

STEP TWO: Feel free to watch the videos. Word of advice: It might help to open up a Word document to take notes while the video is playing. Afterwards, think about what you saw and post your comment anywhere near the original stickie. Double click gives you a stickie. FOR EACH VIDEO, POST AT LEAST TWO STICKIES. MAKE SURE YOU TAKE NOTES ON EACH VIDEO FOR TIPS, GUIDELINES, AND ADVICE ON HOW TO STUDY.

STEP THREE: After you have watched the videos on the first wall, posted comments on each and taken notes on each clip, go to the next wall:
* How do you study for an exam?
Here, we will start the process of collecting hints that work for studying, and habits that need to be avoided. MAKE SURE YOU ADD TO YOUR LIST OF NOTES ON THINGS THAT CAN BE DONE IMMEDIATELY. ON THIS WALL, YOU SHOULD HAVE POSTED AT LEAST FIVE STICKIES!

By the end of this exercise, we will have developed some action steps that can be used, right now, in real time for preparing for your exams.

* At least 8 stickies on the first wall
* At least 5 stickies on the second wall
* At least one page of notes on how to study
Make sure you save your notes to your folders at the end of each in class working session.

Enjoy and remember to buy into this as it could positively change how you approach your learning and success in school (No pressure, though!)
All best.
Ms. Gora and Mr. Kannan

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