Sunday, February 28, 2010

ISATS with no rest for the weary

With ISATs, this week, students will already have their hands full and their plates filled with expectations layered upon demands. With this in mind, I seek only to slightly add to their burden:
7th Grade
* All students will be receiving updated Progress Reports on Tuesday which detail their performance for the trimester. Students are strongly encouraged to reflect on how they fared second trimester and establish goals for the third trimester. Some of these goals could be to rectify the challenges that were there in the second trimester, identify particular areas of needed improvement, and strongly ruminate upon the good that happened which needs to continue while minimizing the potential habits that do not necessarily equate with academic success.
* We will be reading chapter 8 in class and focused on completing the activities offered in class. If students utilize in class time well, there should be little need to complete homework. For an advance look at what will be addressed, click here!
* Once ISATs are over, students will have to wrestle with the Chapter 9 Teaching Assignments.

8th Grade
* In class time will be spent introducing students to the 1920s through the online learning environment of Moodle. Students can choose to engage in this exploration through class or if they wish to use the time to work on their Day II of the WWI Exam, they may do this as well. All Day II Exam Products must be emailed to me by Friday, 3/12 at 9:00 PM. Students will have to monitor their own work habits in the successful creation of these tasks, as it is worth quite a bit of points towards Third Trimester Grades.
* Permission slips for the Tommy Guns Field Trip will be sent out this week. Admission to this event is based on a "First Come, First Serve" basis as well as team approval.

I wish all of our students all the best on the successful completion of the ISATs and as this benchmark is created, more await in the third trimester- the final phase of our academic journey towards scholarship.

All best.
Mr. Kannan

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